Vodafone Mobile Connect Card for Linux

Vodafone Mobile Connect Card for Linux (or VCM) is another app you can use to connect to the net using mobile broadband modem like Huawei E220. I discovered it after a few days of using GnomePPP. Why am I mentioning it? Because when I connect with VCM I get much higher connection speed than using GnomePPP (which is effectively a wvdial frontend). What’s nice about it is that it’s free software.

You can download it from https://forge.betavine.net/projects/vodafonemobilec/ . Newest version available is 2.0beta3 but it appears to be not working on my laptop (loads of Python errors on console) but 2.0beta2 is much better in this regard. However, even this version is exteremely buggy, sometimes refusing to connect, sometimes dropping a connection for no good reason. And you better don’t try to use its interface for anything else than pressing Connect button 😉

It has one nice feature I wouldn’t expect from such unstable software though — it can minimize to system tray.

Overall, it’s nice to have this kind of software but, dear Python hackers, go ahead and help the folks improve it! 🙂 Yes, I tried to take a look at the source but my Python knowledge is way below the level required to make sense of it…


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