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Converting MIDP threading applications to Sidekick

September 12, 2008

While porting to the Sidekick platform one of the most mysterious issues I was fighting with were massive application slowdowns. What was most interesting they happened e.g. on the menu screen which, after it’s initialized, is basically a static screen. After trying various approaches I started to think 😛 and remembered I read something about threading issues in “Java ME Applications on the hiptop Platform” document (available from Danger’s developer site).



Sidekick coding: sick Pen API

September 6, 2008

Sidekick has a powerful API but it has this feeling of in-house development where not enough thought has been put into making it clean and well designed. Instead it sometimes feels like methods has been added on an ad-hoc basis whenever someone felt like something is needed. Then there’s really a lot of deprecated/unused methods and constants. Generally it’s not a bad API at all it just feel a bit random at places 🙂

But there are places that are really bad. I know I’m not the most experienced Sidekick programmer out there but I can tell bad API when I see one and one of the things that frustrates me most in Sidekick API is danger.ui.Pen class.


A case for free/open source software

July 22, 2008

Recently I started to experiment with Sidekick development. All nice and fine, Danger Developer Zone provides reasonable documentation, nice SDK with a complete, cross-platform ant-based build system along with a decent emulator and a number of examples. That was the good part.