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Crappy Dell hardware

April 12, 2010

My first laptop was Compaq Armada M700. I bought it second-hand and used for several years. It wasn’t exactly the fastest machine out there but with PIII 750MHz and about 500MB of RAM it was perfectly usable laptop for 2003 (I think 🙂 ). I even dropped it on the hard floor once and apart from breaking off a corner of its case it survived the crash without other harm. All these years it reliably served me, with a decent battery life until the end.

Then I got Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3515. With 2+GHz Core Duo and 2GB of RAM it was an obvious upgrade from the previous one.

Shortly after that I bought white MacBook as a second laptop and used both for a couple of years. Again, no problems with either of these, solid hardware, good battery life. Pretty idyllic life, ey?

Then I bought a Dell XPS M1530 and was collided with harsh reality. Apparently not all laptop manufacturers make good hardware. After little more than a year its battery started to fail only to die a couple of months ago. Obviously battery life in all laptops goes down with age but I’ve never had a battery dying on me completely. Oh, well, bad luck I thought. Then a few weeks ago I started to have problems with its keyboard only to discover today that one of the keys stopped working completely. With a few others being really hard to operate (arrow keys, home/end/pgdn/pgup) I suspect it’s not an isolated case. I had to remove the failed key, cleaned its socket and am now trying to put it back in, hoping it would solve the issue. Oh, by the way, putting it back is a royal pain in the ass due to Dell’s super-clever key mounting mechanism.

Frankly, I’m very disappointed with the build quality of this laptop and, no surprise, will definitely NOT buy any other Dell laptops in the future.