Java ME SDK 3.0 on Linux/OSX

Finally! It seemed like eternity but finally there’s some real news for Linux and OSX devs out there — Sun presented a prototype of Java ME SDK 3.0 running on nothing else but Mac OS X! 🙂


There’s a video available — check it out at Java ME SDK Team Blog.


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2 Responses to “Java ME SDK 3.0 on Linux/OSX”

  1. syed rakib al hasan Says:

    when will the javaME SDK for linux be released….
    any idea???

    • gilead Says:

      Heh, I wish I knew. I actually checked today again, still just Win and OSX. Releasing a version for OSX before Linux one makes sense as there was no WTK for OSX before at all and we can at least use 2.5.2. Still… having it on one unix platform should make it easy to port to another.

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