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A month with no net connection

August 24, 2008

How crappy a net connection must be to call it ‘no net connection’? It must be unreliable, slow and with horrible lag. Just like mine for last 3 weeks. And when I say ‘unreliable’ I mean ‘it is there for several hours then gone for two days’. Meaning — very unreliable 🙂 Anyway, today I bought a mobile broadband modem from 3uk and things are back to normal. The signal is very weak where I live so while it does connect to HSDPA network speed is not very impressive but having a permanent connection again is like breath of fresh air 😉

Since this is the first time I’m using mobile modem I was a bit unsure how to actually use it with Linux. Various HOWTOs on the net suggested wildly different things, ranging from installing special hotplug software to upgrading Network Manager to manually configuring wvdial. Fortunately it turned out to be much easier.

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