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breiPott: Free (as in Freedom) music party in Berlin

July 26, 2008

I just read an exciting post by Robert Schuster. I’ll quote Rob’s words:

Yesterday I learned about a club in my city that exclusively plays CreativeCommons-licensed music. According to their website they also make sure that only those variants of the CC-licenses are used that free software people would identify as ‘free’ 🙂

Damn, I find it so cool when people combine all those free as in freedom things! In my opinion this is exactly the goal we wanted to achieve with the free software movement and which many of its naysayers and opponents did not get. 🙂

Well put and thanks for posting about it! 🙂 I don’t know about you but I find this kind of news very exciting and encouraging 🙂


A case for free/open source software

July 22, 2008

Recently I started to experiment with Sidekick development. All nice and fine, Danger Developer Zone provides reasonable documentation, nice SDK with a complete, cross-platform ant-based build system along with a decent emulator and a number of examples. That was the good part.


M3G export from Blender — strange texcoord problem

July 19, 2008

So far during development of a 3D game for JME-enabled mobile devices I’ve been using simple theme — single texture in each image. It worked but inevitably I hit texture memory limit on some devices. It turns out that merging several textures into one image (as shown below) indeed reduces memory usage but while doing so I hit an interesting problem with M3G models using such textures. Namely, if mesh is uv-mapped only to a part of texture image it is rendered with different part of texture. Here’s full story and a fix to M3G->Blender exporter.